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Started on trying to tidy up a GT Aggressor 1.0, another eBay bargin at £40.  At least I thought it was at the time.  £45 on a back wheel and £10 on new cables.  The suspensions never worked so looking at least £60 there, starting to think I should have just bought a new one.  It is kinda cool bringing this old heap back to life though.

So now I’ve got stuck on the forks.  I thought I’d just unscrew the stem and the forks would just slide out.  Wrong.  Checked out some youtube videos and appears some people remove the top of the headset.  Well, the WTB Momentum Comp ST on this bike is not budging.

Then I thought, maybe if I take the forks apart I can get them moving again.  The top caps are jammed stuck as well :(  If anyone has any suggestions on the next step with this drop me a message!

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